Godzilla 2014 Review

godzilla sucks

Remember those old 50’s monster movies from the drive-in. The ones that tacked on love stories to get women to the drive-ins. The big payoff came at the very end. Moments from the credits. Imagine that same formula but you hardly see the monsters or it cuts away to forced family drama when all you want to see is a monster destroy a city. What if the director did this 3 times in the movie. Welcome to Godzilla. Take any of the movies that have the world Godzilla or monster in them and they will be 100x better than this. Even the dous equis guy would agree with me!

Grade = F

Thanks to my local public library for lending out this terrific movie.


Destroy All Slip Covers #2: The Patriot

the patriot slip cover

This war is bringing out the worse in people but also it’s bringing to light an important issue affecting both sides of the British & American war. The pointlessness of DVD slip covers. Our Asian reporter John Smith had this report filled with our office dated the September of the 5 in the 2015 year of our lord.

—- from undisclosed location in America —- This slip cover controversy has affected one local Detroit collector who when asked if slip covers should be banned replied with “They may take our freedom but they will never take our DVD condoms!” Despite mis-quoting lines from Braveheart when we asked him about The Patriot’s lackluster cover the debate still rages on. And one truth of the Internet age is that your fact does not out weight my opinion.

A touching quote from The Patriot might just best sum up the real fight against slip covers. The heroic and handsome Colonel William Tavington said of slip covers “Let it be known if you harbor the enemy you will lose your home” We at Freefromslipcoverscams.org could not agree more.

On the other side of the tale of slip covers being more and more common a local farmer named Benjamin Martin weighed in on the idea that these slip covers are adding to the cost of DVDs. After mentioning the super thin cases and cutout mid sections to save already cheap plastic Mr. Martin said “I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear.” About the rising hidden costs of DVD & Blu-Rays.

– John Smith: Reporter –  freefromslipcoverscams.org

Destroy All Slip Covers #1: The King’s Speech

Destroy All Slip Covers!

By royal creed of The Majestic King of Mass Consumerism to Prevent Riots has an important announcement for his loyal subjects. From this day set forth, all covers of thy slip variety must be purposely and efficiently destroyed without haste. The fate of the world depends on these DVD condoms from being collected and shared by hoarders & collectors. This is of most serious attention to the loyalist of the colony of media collectors.

For covers that are nothing but the same image as the DVD or Blu-Ray these are especially troubling in our modern world. Our landfills have had enough. Our common criminals would rather steal food or pocketable items such as jewelry, office supplies and mini bottles of Nutella. Is the plastic sealed DVD not enough to stop people from stealing The D Train, Aloha, or She’s Funny That Way?

The King’s Speech cover is wanted dead or alive. No, wait. It’s wanted dead only. Not only is the slip cover useless for a collector but The King is not even speaking in the picture about a king that speaks. Epic fail! Nor does the lighting match the three characters shown. Is the title of the movie The King’s Speech: A Masterpiece, The best picture of the year?” This crime will not go unpunished!

All slip covers must be destroyed. This order by the King must be enforced immediately. Failure for DVD collectors to comply with results in heavy fines and shameful looks from fellow basement dwelling nerds.

Common DVD buyers might throw slip-covers away more because they are more concerned with working their life away or the space time continuum might rip apart if they dare to lead a more natural life whose main focus is not working so they can buy more crap. These are our biggest allies currently.

3 time slip-cover offenders will begin to loose subs on YouTube despite Patreon e-Begging plots. This law is an accordance to the Wasteful Slip Cover Repel Act of 2015.

Keep calm and destroy all slip covers! Join the anti-slip-cover revolution today!

It’s our duty to stand together. Hash tag the crap out of your posts of you destroying and tossing slip-covers!

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DVD Pickups #3

It's the butler in the green room with the dish soap.

Another random trip to a thrift store another sweet score of things I don’t really need. First world problems, I know. This time I walked away with a tiny misdemeanor of collecting craziness with some fun things to add to my ever growing, if a little late collection of DVDs. First up I found the first three seasons of the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. All for the low price of $2.00 each season. I could not pass up these up. I thought something might be wrong, is there used condoms inside the cases? Blood soaked discs or some missing and it’s up to me to find out where they could’ve gone. But nope, they are in great shape!

Traditionally I’m not a big fan of crime shows. Everything seems just to perfect for investigators that have way to much power to void people’s rights. I think it has a negative impact on society on how people understand what the police can and can’t do. But that’s for another time. I watched the first season of this show years ago and have not seen the others before. I know now they are many seasons to catch up. So I’m excited to see if I like it or not. I saw they have these on Blu-Ray now but for the price I’m excited to watch them.

Tom & Jerry 2 Pack DVD

Hey look its two with Sylvester and Tweety. I mean Tom and Jerry, cause having a mouse instead of a bird makes it TOTALLY different! That and the characters talk in the first show. I kind of prefer Tom & Jerry, I always love a good mime performance and a focus on the actions rather than the dialog. In collecting DVDs I think cartoons are great. They look fantastic so getting a blu-ray is not really required. There are so many to collect as well. I think I will be adding a section of cartoon DVDs I own.

For these I can’t say that I remember seeing these before. Maybe the covers are different for this one but I will have to watch them and see what I think of them. Cartoons also make a great background noise to have something running. This cost me $2.00 as well.

Vin Diesel Riddick Trilogy

The last DVD I got this day was the Riddick Trilogy with the baldness that’s known as Vin Diesel. I wonder if the clean energy movement, which in-itself is a misnomer, has hurt Vin’s career at all. I’m sure there are some metrics that show it has. He’s kind of gotten lost, like a B version of The Rock with only countless lame “racing” movies keeping him with a roof over his head.

I’ve never seen Riddick before. I make it a point not to watch things with the word “dick” in the title. Maybe I’m missing out on something awesome or at least worthy of the $2.00 I paid for this trilogy set. Check back later when I let you know how this dick filled movie turns out.

That’s all I have got for this update. I got some other stuff but was too lazy to make a proper post for it. I will try to make a section to see my collection of what I have. If you’ve seen these before let me know what you think of them and if you have them in your collection.

Gone With The Wind Vs. King Kong Movie Posters

imageIf you put Rhett Butler in a ring with King Kong, who would come away as the victor? My money’s on Kong, who knows what trickery he can come up with inside that suit!

These are two posters that were part of a calendar that I took apart and pinned to the wall. Kinda cheesy but still awesome!

Garage Sale DVD Pickups


I found a nice assortment of DVDs at a garage sale today. They each were .50 cents, with the highlight being The Mummy trilogy which was $2.50.

I’ve not seen most of these but am excited cause most seem to have features including commentaries.

Titles include The Mummy Deluxe Edition Boxed Set, Spider Man 2 : Special Edition, Eight Below (full-screen), Sahara, Tombstone, Detonator, Lennon Legend, American Gangster, Eddie Cruisers, Species trilogy, Untraceable, Ghost Rider, SWAT, Flags of Our Fathers, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Wild Hogs

What have you found this summer?